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Products We Handle

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Temperature Regulation and Monitoring

With over 100,000 square feet of highly regulated and monitored cold space – we have facilities you need to store your product and be assured of its continued integrity, while under our care.

24 Hour Surveillance & Security

Secure, safe storage is of utmost importance to us. Our building is monitored and access-restricted, around the clock.

Inventory Management

In-house inventory management with a barcode tracking system. The online access portal allows our clients to check the status of their cargo, while it is housed in our facility.

Business Continuity

Our facilities are designed to maintain the cold environment that we offer, regardless of external conditions. We have implemented a backup generator system, to provide continuous power to the building, in the event of electrical grid disruptions.

Certifications and Memberships

CFIA Safe Food For Canadians Act Licence, IARW and WFLO members, FDA Food Bioterrorism registrant and HACCP program implementation – in accordance with FSEP Guidelines. BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution Certificate.


The inspection laboratory is used to ensure that all products stored in our facility comply with standards related to quality, safety, integrity and identity of the product. It is our goal to ensure the cold-chain is maintained to the highest standard.